Dusky Wheata - Grenoside, Sheffield

The Bleak Peak - Peak District National Park, South Yorkshire, UK

I took this shot on a bike ride in the Peak District. The weather was pretty gloomy so I tried to use the light to go for a darker more atmospheric feel.

 Crank that Contrast!

Sam (Clark Kent) Guest: Man of Steel

I shot this to help a friend out with some portfolio shots, but also to help me get to grips with using off Camera flash. I was trying to balance the Flash exposure with the sun so that I could shoot straight into the sun with Sam facing me without losing facial detail from the backlit silhouette effect. Im quite pleased with how it turned out. What do you think?

Sheffield Cityscape

I took this Photo last night just before sunset. 5 exposures Merged using Photomatix. I’m still new to HDR but am really enjoying playing with the different effects that can be achieved compared to using a single exposure. Taken from Parkwood Springs near the site of Ski Village.

The Biggest Cheese grater on Earth - Sheffield, UK

This is Sheffield’s Cheese grater Building. It’s probably the most photographed building in the City probably due to the Beautiful design and general Photogenicness (I know that isn’t a word). It really stands out against the backdrop of the other tower blocks of the city and breathes new life into the area. This was my first attempt at shooting the building and since then I am often drawn back to try and capture a new angle or different perspective. When it was being built, I thought about what it would be used for, but never imagined that all that effort would create a space to park cars.

This was one of my first attempts at HDR. There’s not an awful lot of interesting features in the Photo, but I think the contrasting colours give it a real presence. Taken from Bempton Cliffs on the east coast of England.

I love a good Sunset. This one appeared to me as I sat at my desk at Work. For a few weeks every year during early January I get to see sundown from the office as the Sun is usually setting just before I leave for the day. Luckily I had my camera with me on this occasion and managed to capture the City bathing in these beautiful Colours. The lack of a tripod meant that I had to pump up the ISO to 1250 to get a fast enough shutter speed, but I don’t think the resulting noise really detracts from the image.

Lunchtime in Amsterdam, Netherlands

This image was taken as I wandered the streets of Amsterdam in September 2011. I really like the textures of the wall and footpath, the angles give a 3 dimensional effect which really makes the image stand out to me. I chose this photo as my entry for the ‘Urban Photographer of the year 2012’ competition. The brief was ‘Cities at work’ at specific hours of the day. I chose this one to represent the the hour of 12-1pm. Amsterdam is a very flat City and inhabits Thousands of Cyclists. It’s the perfect form of transport due to the lack of any real gradient and very well organised cycle routes. I think this picture perfectly encapsulates the Lunchtime hour, the feeding rush often descends into chaos as People discard their bikes on the streets.

Epic prizes for the person that wins this competition: http://www.cbrephotographer.com 
The competition is open until Midnight on 31st Aug 2012

Lines, everywhere lines - Tromsø, Norway

This was my first foray into the world of light painting. I had seen many people using the combination of moving traffic, and a long exposure to create wonderful effects so I decided to create my own whilst on bridge during a short visit to Tromsø, Northern Norway. The bridge was built in 1960 to connect the Island of Tromsøya with the Norwegian Mainland.I’ve tried various other light painting experiments since taking this image, but this one is still up there in my favourites.

The Rebel of Shibuya - Tokyo, Japan

I took this Picture in May 2010 on a fantastic trip to Japan. The famous crossing outside Shibuya Station is said to assist up to 100,000 every hour on a busy day. I called this Image ‘The Rebel of Shibuya’ because Japanese culture instills a deep routed sense of conformity throughout society and few will break even the most minor social convention.

"The nail that sticks out is hammered down" - Japanese Proverb